The Scrabble Rabble

In January, Hasbro, the North American distributor of Scrabble, announced plans to sue Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla, the creators of Facebook‘s most popular application: Scrabulous. With 700,000 daily users, Scrabulous makes the Agarwalla brothers $25,000 a month in advertising revenue, the Times reported Sunday. Scrambling for a piece of the market share, Hasbro has reportedly […]

QWERTY vs. Dvorak

Readers of this blog fiercely debated the validity of the QWERTY keyboard story a few months back. As the legend goes, Christopher Sholes engineered the QWERTY layout that is still in use today in order to slow typists down and prevent key jams. One commenter (ludvig) pointed to this 1996 article from Reason magazine by […]

Slowly but Surely

To all devoted blog readers who’ve requested signed bookplates: Don’t lose faith! Demand continues to outstrip supply here in the Freakonomics office. A great many of you have taken the authors up on their offer, and we are happily working to make good. I’ll be mailing 2,000 bookplates this week from HarperCollins and will send […]

Book Drive

Hello everyone. I’m Nicole, the new-ish Freakonomics assistant. A few weeks ago, Dubner blogged about Chicago School District 214, where the campaign of one board member to ban Freakonomics (among other dangerous books such as Kate Chopin’s The Awakening) was successfully thwarted. The publisher, William Morrow, happily gave away 50 signed copies to students in […]