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Episode 125

Should We Replace Umpires With Robots?

What do gamblers and referees have in common? When do machines make better decisions than people? And has Stephen been replaced by a computer?

Typo or Biggest NFL News of the Year?

…would imply. Congrats to the Broncos and especially Tim Tebow, who went all Football Freakonomics on the Steelers (but to be fair, he also had a pretty good second quarter)….

A New Way to Think About Sports Injuries?

In a recent essay about NFL injuries for our “Football Freakonomics” series on, I concluded: If I were an NFL owner, GM, or coach, I’d set aside a little…

Does Defense Really Win Championships?

…or the Q&A with the authors on the blog. They are also regular contributors to the “Football Freakonomics” project.   Does Defense Really Win Championships? By Tobias J. Moskowitz and…