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Episode 408

Does Anyone Really Know What Socialism Is? (Replay)

Trump says it would destroy us. Biden needs the voters who support it (especially the Bernie voters). The majority of millennials would like it to replace capitalism. But what is…

Episode 226

Food + Science = Victory!

On the menu: A kitchen wizard and a nutrition detective talk about the perfect hamburger, getting the most out of garlic, and why you should use vodka in just about…

August Wilson, R.I.P.

…home. I felt sorry for him. I figured at least you should know why people were doing that. They burned down the supermarket and this and that, white businesses. Who…

Episode 2

Mayim Bialik on the Surprising Risks of Academia and Stability of Show Biz (Replay)

This new Jeopardy! host is best known for playing neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory, but she has a rich life outside of her acting career too,…

DSK Collateral Damage

…Graff said. “You could be standing next to him at the supermarket check-out line and not recognize him.” The Examiner piece calls the timing “unfortunate indeed.” GeorgetownPatch concurs, with an…

Episode 438

How to Succeed by Being Authentic (Hint: Carefully)

John Mackey, the C.E.O. of Whole Foods, has learned the perils of speaking his mind. But he still says what he thinks about everything from “conscious leadership” to the behavioral…

Episode 37

How Do You Know if People Don’t Like You?

Also: do self-help books really help?…

Episode 465

Introducing a New “Freakonomics of Medicine” Podcast

Bapu Jena was already a double threat: a doctor who is also an economist. Now he’s a podcast host too. In this sneak preview of the Freakonomics Radio Network’s newest…

Do Mysterious Forces Dictate Our Travel Patterns?

…grocery shopping trip to a distant supermarket or warehouse club instead of to the neighborhood market on the corner. What might account for stable transportation budgets? Well, for one, until…

Episode 78

You Eat What You Are, Part 2

To feed 7 billion people while protecting the environment, it would seem that going local is a no-brainer — until you start looking at the numbers.

Episode 76

You Eat What You Are, Part 1

How American food so got bad — and why it’s getting so much better.

Episode 17

How Does Retirement Affect Your Brain?

Aging carries a risk of losing our memory, focus, and ability to take care of ourselves and others. Does leaving the workforce worsen that risk? We investigate the research. And…Bapu…

Episode 91

Do You Savor or Gobble?

Aptonyms for the New Year

the supermarket chain with very good produce, is named Gerry Greenleaf. 8. The world of vice provides a couple of good examples. A reader named Flip alerted us to a…

Ushahidi in Haiti and Chile

…seven-year-old girl and two women were pulled from the rubble of a collapsed supermarket by an American search and rescue team after they sent a text message calling for help.”[%comments]…

Episode 220

“I Don’t Know What You’ve Done With My Husband But He’s a Changed Man”

From domestic abusers to former child soldiers, there is increasing evidence that behavioral therapy can turn them around.

Episode 264

In Praise of Incrementalism (Replay)

What do Renaissance painting, civil-rights movements, and Olympic cycling have in common? In each case, huge breakthroughs came from taking tiny steps. In a world where everyone is looking for…

Episode 70

Eating and Tweeting

Does the future of food lie in its past — or inside a tank of liquid nitrogen? Also: how anti-social can you be on a social network? This is a…

Episode 190

Time to Take Back the Toilet (Replay)

Public bathrooms are noisy, poorly designed, and often nonexistent. What to do?

Episode 456

How to Fix the Hot Mess of U.S. Healthcare

Medicine has evolved from a calling into an industry, adept at dispensing procedures and pills (and gigantic bills), but less good at actual health. Most reformers call for big, bold…

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Check the Data: It’s a Man’s World

Do you think public bathrooms are too small, smartphones are too big, and public transit just wasn’t made for you? Then you’re probably a woman. In her book Invisible Women:…

Episode 68

The Power of the President — and the Thumb

How much does the President of the United States really matter? And: where did all the hitchhikers go? A pair of “attribution errors.” This is a “mashupdate” of “How Much…

What Do You Do With Your Pennies?

…is the company that put change machines in supermarkets, in which you can dump your coin jar and receive a receipt that you take to the cash register for folding…

Episode 335

Does Doing Good Give You License to Be Bad?

Corporate Social Responsibility programs can attract better job applicants who’ll work for less money. But they also encourage employees to misbehave. Don’t laugh — you too probably engage in “moral…

Our Daily Bleg: Who Are the Gas Siphoners?

…a bit. Read below and please offer any insights you have. I like his black-market theory. Last night, while at the supermarket, someone tried to break into the gas tank…

Episode 215

Why Do We Really Follow the News? (Replay)

There are all kinds of civics-class answers to that question. But how true are they? Could it be that we like to read about war, politics, and miscellaneous heartbreak simply…

Note to Self: Stop Throwing Out Pennies

…a bank or supermarket coin machine, then it might be worthwhile to keep the pennies. But I’m not, and so it’s not. These facts, coupled with the fact of inflation,…

Episode 408

Does Anyone Really Know What Socialism Is?

Trump says it would destroy us. Sanders says it will save us. The majority of millennials would like it to replace capitalism. But what is “it”? We bring in the