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Personality: The Big Five


Should You Get Out of Your Comfort Zone?

What do the most creative people have in common?  How open-minded are you, really? And what’s wrong with ordering eggs Benedict? 

Take the Big Five inventory:


Are You as Conscientious as You Think You Are?

Is it really that important to make your bed? What’s the benefit of hiring a lazy person? And how many cups of spinach can Mike fit in a red Solo cup?

Take the Big Five inventory:


Is It Okay to Be an Introvert?

What’s the difference between being introverted and being shy? What are extroverts so cheerful about? And does Angela’s social battery ever run out?

Take the Big Five inventory:


Can You Be Too Nice?

Where is the line between a good guy and a doormat? Do people with sharp elbows make more money? And why did Angela’s mother give away her birthday present?

Take the Big Five inventory:


What’s Wrong With Being a Little Neurotic?

Is there any upside to negative emotions? What can comedians teach us about dealing with pain? And why did Angela eat off of a stranger’s plate at a sushi bar?


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