The Church of ‘Scionology’

Season 6, Episode 18 On this week’s episode of Freakonomics Radio: if you’ve built a successful business — be it a bakery, a carmaker or a newspaper — who continues the legacy when you retire? For many Fortune 500 companies, the answer is obvious: one (or more) of your children take the helm. But let’s get beyond the nepotism and silver spoons, […]

Growing Up Buffett (Ep. 32)

Who will succeed Warren Buffett as CEO of Berkshire Hathaway?

That's still up in the air, but we can tell you the two people who won't be running Berkshire:

1. The discredited David Sokol

2. Peter Buffett, Warren's son.

Peter Buffett, at 53, is the youngest of three Buffett kids, and he's the star of our latest Freakonomics Radio podcast, "Growing Up Buffett." (you can download/subscribe at iTunes, get the RSS feed, listen live via on the media player at the top, or read the transcript here) He's a musician, author, and philanthropist, and we spoke to him for an upcoming hour-long radio program called "The Church of Scionology." It's about family business, and takes a hard look at what happens when the scion of a family takes over upon the founder's departure. We mine the academic literature on the topic and talk to people around the world about the ins and outs of family business.