Are Ambitious People Inherently Selfish? (NSQ Ep. 11)

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Also: why do we habituate to life’s greatest pleasures?

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Relevant References & Research

Question #1: Is it possible to be both self-interested and altruistic at the same time?

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Question #2: Why do we habituate to life’s greatest pleasures?

  • Angela and Stephen discuss Danny Kahneman’s famous study on colonoscopy-related pain perception. You can learn more about the study here.
  • Angela references the “Three Good Things” exercise, a positive psychology technique designed to inspire gratitude.
  • Angela discusses the origins of habituation literature — to learn more about how this theory was developed, we recommend checking out this article on the history of habituation research.
  • Angela references the late psychologist Robert Rescorla, one of the world’s most distinguished scholars of psychology and animal learning.