Things That Go In Your Mouth: TMSIDK Episode 3

Listen now:

Contestant Ashbell McElveen reveals the connection between ice cream and slavery. (Photo: Lucy Sutton)

In 1933, in the midst of the Great Depression, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sat down to a meal that cost less than eight cents. The meal marked the start of the first government program distributing food to the hungry.

On this week’s episode of “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know,” you’ll learn what thrifty foods made up that meal. You’ll also hear about the history of ice cream, the textural allure of super-colloids, a nutty fact about the Iran nuclear deal, and the dulcet tones of a surprisingly versatile musical instrument.

The panelists are: Zeke Emanuel, medical doctor and chief architect of the Affordable Care Act, former White House chef Sam Kass, author of The Happiness Project Gretchen Rubin. Our “Real-Time Human Fact-Checker” is Sean Rameswaram, who produces podcasts for WNYC Studios, including Radiolab’s Supreme Court spinoff, More Perfect.

So was that meal — chosen by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, not Sam Kass — delicious? You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out.