Think Like a Child

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(photo: Dani Vázquez)

(photo: Dani Vázquez)

Season 5, Episode 14

On this week’s episode of Freakonomics Radio: Why would anyone want to think like a child? Aren’t kids just sloppy, inchoate versions of us? Hardly. As Stephen Dubner and Steve Levitt describe in their book Think Like a Freak, it can be very fruitful like a child.

And then: How can we get kids to eat healthier food? Educational messaging sounds like a good idea, but kids don’t respond to it. So why not bribe them?

To find out more, check out the podcasts from which this hour was drawn: “Think Like a Child” and “Why You Should Bribe Your Kids.”

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gina sanchirico

Re: Why You Should Bribe... I think there would have been more kids who chose the dried fruit over the low sugar whole wheat cookie if they didn't see what the other kids chose. They should have gone into a room individually to choose their snack and then exit to another room to eat it. I think kids are influenced by peers.