When Willpower Isn’t Enough

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(photo: CherryPoint)

(photo: CherryPoint)

Season 5, Episode 1

In part one (When Willpower Isn’t Enough), the Penn professor Katherine Milkman tells us about “temptation bundling,” which means pairing something you don’t want to do (but need to do) with something you love to do (but perhaps shouldn’t do). For instance: allowing yourself to watch your favorite TV show only while working out at the gym. Or eating a cheeseburger only when you go to visit your least-favorite relative. In part two (The Maddest Men of All), the iconoclastic vice chairman of Ogilvy & Mather in the U.K., Rory Sutherland, tells us how marketers use behavioral economics to get us all to buy now and think later.

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Brian Anderson

I ride my spin bike two hours per day, five days a week. I take MOOCS or other courses online with an emphasis on human behavioral biology while riding. The two hours feels like thirty minutes because I am learning while exercising. Seven hundred and fifty mg of CocoaVia (Dr. Smalls/ NPR) mixed with aerobic exercise increases the oxygenation to my brain, keeps me focused, and enhances my learning.