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Episode 33

What Do a Full Moon, the Super Bowl, and Tax Day Have in Common?

Tax deadlines can stress us out. But do they also influence our conscious — and subconscious — behavior? Bapu Jena looks at why, with our health, timing is often everything….

Episode 21

Bring on the Pain!

Bring on the Pain! It’s not about how much something hurts — it’s how you remember the pain. This week, lessons on pain from the New York City subway, the…

Radio in Progress: One Upside of Aging

…the chance to interview Redelmeier, a medical professor, clinician and researcher at the University of Toronto. This was a real treat. You may remember reading about some of Redelmeier’s quirky…

Episode 36

Which Matters More, a First or Last Impression?

Also: does wisdom really come with age?…

Episode 70

In a Job Interview, How Much Does Timing Matter?

Also: Why is it smart to ignore what your podcast hosts look like?…

How to Live Longer (Ep. 109)

…Swaminathan. “Survival in Academy Award-Winning Actors and Actresses,” by Donald Redelmeier (who has appeared here before, including in our “Bring on the Pain!” podcast) and Sheldon Singh. Also, for a…

Need to Go to the ER? Not Until the Game's Over!

…living in rural locations, and was most evident for those with milder triage severity scores presenting with abdominal pain, musculoskeletal disorders, or traumatic injuries. The study’s authors, Dr. Donald Redelmeier,…

Episode 64

Are Women Required to Be Nicer Than Men?

Also: should you feel guilty if you don’t read books?…

Episode 109

How to Live Longer

Why do Hall of Fame inductees, Oscar winners, and Nobel laureates outlive their peers?

Episode 13

When Bapu Met Levitt

Once upon a time, Bapu Jena was a graduate student at the University of Chicago. His most interesting teacher? The economist Steve Levitt. This week on Freakonomics, M.D., a replay…

How’s My Driving? A Q&A With the Author of Traffic

…losing vehicles because of an impending off-ramp. But there’s a curious bias that plays out in oscillating shifts of traffic, observed by the researchers Donald Redelmeier and Robert Tibshirani, in…

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Episode 1

Strange Danger: TMSIDK Episode 1

…time of day to vote is between 4:00pm and 8:00pm. According to contestant Dr. Donald Redelmeier (a friend of Freakonomics), this is “likely a combination between more driving, more rushing,…

Episode 41

Is Rainy Day Joint Pain All in Your Head?

You’ve heard that the weather can make your joints hurt. Maybe you’ve even felt it yourself. But, is it true? Bapu Jena looks at why we think we know certain…

Episode 41

Dr. Bapu Jena on Why Freakonomics Is the Best Medicine

He’s a Harvard physician and economist who just started a third job: host of the new podcast Freakonomics, M.D. He’s also Steve’s former student. The two discuss why medicine should…

Episode 32

What is a Good Death — and Why Do So Few of Us Get One?

When it comes to end-of-life medical care, getting it right can be hard — even for doctors. Bapu Jena discusses surprising research on how we can live better — and…