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Paved With Good Intentions: A Freakonomics Contest

Welcome to the Freakonomics “Paved With Good Intentions” contest, in which we pay loving tribute to the most abysmal roads in America.
Here’s how it works. Write a brief homage (no more than 150 words) to the worst stretch of road you know of. You have broad latitude in your definition of “worst.” It may be the most congested, the most poorly maintained, the ugliest, the most dangerous, the most confusing, the worst integrated with adjacent land uses, or any combination of the above. You may also devise a standard of your own. Tell us why your road is the best example of the worst in American transportation, toss in a bit of wit and literary flash, and post your entry in the comments section.

On the Cheapness of Air Travel

We’ve blogged quite a bit about the vagaries of airline travel. One point we’ve made is that, thanks to fierce competition, the cost of airline travel is, relatively speaking, dirt cheap. This also means, of course, that airlines have to try to make people happy on skimpy revenues, even as prices for things like fuel, labor, and insurance may rise. . . .

Compare, Contrast, Complain

Here’s a new website, from the Dept. of Health & Human Services, that lets you see how your hospital compares to others. Here’s another new site, from the Project for Excellence in Journalism, that lets you see how a particular news story is covered in various media outlets. And if you just need to complain about something, here are some . . .