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A Brief Tour of Craig Feied's Mind

We write at some length in SuperFreakonomics about a physician and technologist named Craig Feied, who is responsible for not only for a lot of medical innovation but who looks at problem-solving in a resolutely unorthodox manner.

Freakonomics in the Times Magazine: Selling Soap

Read the Column » The Etiology, Concept, and Prophylaxis of Childbed Fever By Ignaz Semmelweis Hand Hygiene Among Physicians: Performance, Beliefs, and Perceptions By Didier Pittet, MD et al Novel Antimicrobial Surface Coatings and the Potential For Reduced Fomite Transmission Of SARS And Other Pathogens By Craig Feied The September 25, 2006, Freakonomics column in the New York Times Magazine . . .