A Speech of Mine That Bombed

A few months after Freakonomics was first released I was honored to be invited to speak at my first European TED conference, held in the United Kingdom. I wasn’t sure what to talk about. At my first TED appearance a couple years earlier I had given a rather edgy talk about gangs that had been […]

Why Do You Lie? The Perils of Self-Reporting

I am always surprised at how easily, and cheaply, we humans lie. Have you ever been in a conversation about, say, a particular book and been tempted to say you’ve read it even though you haven’t? I am guessing the answer is yes. But why would anyone bother to lie in such a low-stakes situation? […]

More On Your Worst E-Mistakes

In case you didn’t get your fill from our previous post, the e-mail guide Send — by The Times‘s OpEd editor, David Shipley, and former Hyperion Books editor-in-chief, Will Schwalbe — has a lot to say about e-mail mistakes. If you just made your own e-flub, visit their Web site, Thinkbeforeyousend.com — a collection of […]

What’s the Worst E-Mail Mistake You Ever Made?

The other day, I received an e-mail that I shouldn’t have. While my name was indeed in the list of addressees, and while I knew some of the other addressees (as well as the sender), my name was plainly included by mistake. It took me about three seconds to figure this out, since the topic […]

Can It Get Any Better for Appalachian State?

First, Dubner graduates. Next, they beat Michigan in football. Then Miss Teen South Carolina Lauren Caitlin Upton plans to attend Appalachian State. Not sure if they offer this as a major, but perhaps Miss Upton has a future writing librettos.

This Is Why I Avoid Doing Live TV Interviews Unless Dubner Makes Me

You never know when you are going to get a tough question like this one.

The Most Embarrassing Thing I’ve Done This Millennium

Dubner puts his foot in his mouth by accidentally insulting a stand-up comedian he met at a New Orleans conference.