FREAK-Shots: No Pants Subway Ride

Every year, anti-pants activists take over the New York City subway for one dayJodie Lyn-Kee-Chow posted this photo from this year's "No Pants Subway Ride." Does this help or harm our reputation?

FREAK Shots: An Irrational Tip

Here's some nerd humor. This one comes to us from the Fail Blog; it's titled "It’s Not That Your Service Was Irrational, Just Your Tip Amount":

FREAK-Shots: Free Internet, Unless You'd Rather Pay for It

A reader named Clark Case encountered this wi-fi login window at a Doubletree hotel in Orlando. Paging Chris Anderson? Eh ... probably not. While there might be some reasonable explanation -- is the 24-hour connection ad-supported maybe? -- my guess is it's a simple error.