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Caption Contest: The Winners!

Last Friday, our contributor and friend Justin Wolfers decided to have some end-of-the-week fun and run a caption contest for a pretty amusing picture he came across. The response was great: the post got 170 comments. As promised, we picked a winner based on the number of thumbs-up approvals given.
That lucky, and witty winner, is VB in NV, who posted the following less than 10 minutes after the post went live:

“I checked the vault Mr. President, and we’re down to a stack of twenties about this high.”
Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 276 Thumb down 13

We’re going to give you some Freakonomics swag, VB, so watch out for an email from us. Thanks to everybody for participating!

How Big? A Caption Contest

It’s Friday afternoon, and so I’m sure all of us are looking for a break. You know what that means: time for a caption contest! I mean, this picture is really crying out for it, isn’t it? Add your funniest caption in the comments. We’ll crowdsource the voting: Use the thumbs-up button to vote for your favorites. And we’ll make sure to round up some schwag for the winner.

Markets Give Geithner a Vote of Confidence

Treasury Secretary Geithner‘s fears about unemployment appear to be disappearing fast. Or at least his personal fears. According to the prediction markets at, the chances that he departs his post this year have declined from a high above 40 percent to around 10 percent.