Organic Agriculture: A Solution to Global Warming?

Calculating organic's footprint isn't as simple as it seems.

A Different Angle on Climate-Change Economics

Climate-change capitalists.

More ClimateGate Complications

The ClimateGate plot thickens.

Global Warming as International Peacemaker?

New Moore Island in the Bay of Bengal, the subject of a long-running dispute between India and Bangladesh, was recently completely submerged by rising sea levels.

The Origins of "Cap and Trade"

Foreign Policy explores the history of "cap and trade" - the phrase and the concept.

What Is China Saying in Copenhagen?

Climate officials from around the world have assembled in Copenhagen for two weeks to address global warming. Here's an interesting article from today's Guardian. Highlights:

ClimateGate as Rorschach Test

In the 10 days since we first blogged about "ClimateGate" - the unauthorized release of e-mails and other material from the Climate Research Unit (C.R.U.) at East Anglia University in Norwich, England - it's become strikingly clear that one's view of the issue is deeply colored by his or her incoming biases. No surprise there, but still, the demarcation is clear. One of the best indicators: when you stumble onto a blog post about the topic, you can tell which way the wind is blowing simply by looking at the banner ad at the top of the site: if it's for an M.B.A. in Sustainable Business, you're going to hear one thing about ClimateGate; if the ad shows Al Gore with a Pinocchio nose, meanwhile - well, you get the idea.

The Global Warming Email We've All Been Waiting For

I got a good chuckle out of this piece by George Monbiot in the Guardian about the recent global warming e-mail controversy.

My view is that the emails aren't that damaging. Is it surprising that scientists would try to keep work that disagrees with their findings out of journals?

The SuperFreakonomics Global-Warming Fact Quiz

By the time you finish this blog post, you will understand why we differ from our critics in our conclusions.

A Headline That Will Make Global-Warming Activists Apoplectic

We have a chapter in SuperFreakonomics about global warming and it too will likely produce a lot of shouting, name-calling, and accusations ranging from idiocy to venality. It is curious that the global-warming arena is so rife with shrillness and ridicule. Where does this shrillness come from? Some say that left-leaning activists have merely borrowed their right-leaning competitors from years past. A reasonable conjecture?