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Cutting Back On "Frequent Flyers"

| Good news, Levitt: your dream of emergency-only E.R.’s may be more realistic than you think. A program in Camden, N.J., hospitals to cut down on repeat visitors (known to E.R. docs as “frequent flyers”) seems to be working. (HT: Megan Williams) [%comments]

The Business Case for Managed Death

Photo: la cola de mi perro Supporters and critics of physician-assisted suicide agree on at least one thing: terminally ill patients who take an early exit save the health care system money. Nationally, legal euthanasia for terminally ill patients could cut American health-care costs by $627 million per year (less than one-tenth of 1 percent of total expenditures), according to . . .

Your Country Would Like to Treat You to a Doctor’s Appointment

The financial crisis is getting all the headlines and, so it is claimed, occupying all the attention of at least one presidential candidate. Yet a bigger economic issue is hardly being addressed: the exploding costs of health care in the U.S., where we spend a far greater share of our incomes on health than people in other rich countries. How . . .