Finally: a Worthwhile Use for the Salad Spinner

A salad spinner centrifuge that can diagnose anemia.

Is Robotic Surgery Cheaper?

The economics of high-tech medicine.

When Nurses Go on Strike

Patients die.

Harnessing Google to Solve Parkinson's

In Wired, Thomas Goetz profiles Sergey Brin's search for a cure for Parkinson's disease: "Brin proposes a different approach, one driven by computational muscle and staggeringly large data sets. It's a method that draws on his algorithmic sensibility-and Google's storied faith in computing power-with the aim of accelerating the pace and increasing the potential of scientific research."

Why Are Cancer Costs Rising?

People are living longer, but getting cancer.

Giving Doctors an Incentive

Australia tests performance-based pay for doctors treating diabetics.

Emergency Room Myths

The overutilization of emergency rooms is often cited as a dangerous symptom of America's broken healthcare system. But a new Slate article from Zachary Meisel and Jesse Pines offers a rosier picture of emergency room usage, and dispels several pervasive myths.

Obama the Talmudist?

The inspiration for a recent Obama speech.

The Power of Pilot Programs

The always-enlightening Atul Gawande evaluates the new health-care bill's efforts (or lack thereof) to control runaway health-care costs. The bill, which has been widely criticized for its lack of significant cost reductions, proposes a few small pilot programs aimed at cost containment.

Why Does the U.S Rank 29th in Longevity?

Yes, the U.S. healthcare system is full of inefficiencies which lead to bloated costs. But no, that's not the reason that U.S. longevity ranks only 29th in the world.