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Funny Math

| For admirers of Indexed, we bring you: New Math. On this site, Craig Damrauer offers up one new formula each Monday to describe our world. In case you were wondering: Carjacking = Can I borrow your car? – No, you can’t. [%comments]

Indexed: Nuttiness

Jessica’s past posts can be found here, her own blog here, and her new book here.

Indexed: You Shouldn’t Have

Jessica‘s earlier posts can be found here, her own blog here, and her recent book here. Dubner and Levitt further discuss the economics of the gift card in this Times article.

Indexed: All Mixed Up

Jessica‘s earlier posts can be found here, her own blog here, and her recent book here.

Indexed: Drop & Devour

Here is the latest offering of Indexed drawings from our regular guest poster Jessica Hagy. Her past posts are here, her own blog here, and her new book here. If the past is any indication of the future, then at least one commenter will write something to the effect of: “Huh? What are these drawings doing on the Freakonomics blog? . . .

Indexed: First Impressions

Here is the latest from our Indexed friend Jessica Hagy. Her past pieces can be found here, her own blog here, and her new book here. This piece is called “Impressions & Press”:

Indexed Hits Bookstores

Jessica Hagy has been entertaining us on her own blog and this one. Now, her book (named, appropriately, Indexed) is available for purchase. On the front cover, there’s the following blurb from Dubner (which probably doesn’t matter, but we’re quoting it anyway): With just a few circles, arrows, and tart words, Jessica Hagy makes more sense of the human condition . . .

Indexed: ‘Roe’ Isn’t Just a Legal Ruling

Here’s our latest guest post from “Indexed” creator Jessica Hagy. You can find past posts here and Jessica’s own site here. She will soon be publishing a book of her work — and yes, I blurbed it. But once again, despite my general low disregard for book blurbs, this time I really meant it. Anyway, she calls this latest Freako-Indexed . . .

Indexed: Toys & Games

After publishing quite a number of Jessica Hagy‘s Indexed pieces on this blog, and viewing many more on her own site, I have finally figured out how to optimize the reading experience: look at the diagrams while covering up her caption with your hand, and then try to guess what she’s getting at. To my mind, this is at least . . .

Indexed: There Goes the Neighborhood, and Here Come the Nuns

Here is the latest Indexed installment from Jessica Hagy (you can find her past posts here, or visit Hagy’s blog here. She titled this twosome “Move Out and Join Up,” though one might also be tempted to call it “Gentrify and Purify.”

Indexed: Upward Mobility Edition

Jessica Hagy has been sending us “Indexed” posts for a few months now, and has been posting them for much longer on her own blog. Am I the only one who thinks she is inching dangerously close to real economics? Behold her latest, “Movin’ on Up” and “Getting Stuck There”:

Indexed: A Big Gassy Ball of Fear Edition

With the current installment of Indexed, Jessica Hagy wanders firmly into Freakonomics territory — the economics and politics of oil and of fear. She calls this pairing “Slippery and Magnetic.” (Here are her past posts.) Is breast cancer a fatal disease that should be vigorously prevented and treated? Of course. But it is a good example of a “cause” disease . . .

Indexed: Golden Oldies and Glass Ceilings

By now we’ve run quite a few Indexed posts by Jessica Hagy, whose online home can be found here. With today’s installment, “Golden Oldies and Glass Ceilings,” I believe she has outdone herself:

Indexed: Hanging Out

The latest in our Freakonomics Indexed series, by Jessica Hagy, needs no introduction — although, if you’re wondering, as I was, what goat she was thinking of, you’ll find the reference here, in a BoingBoing/BBC mention of how Nepal’s state-run airline fixed an electrical problem on one of its planes by sacrificing a goat. Hanging Out:

Indexed: What do Larry Craig and ‘Livin’ la Vida Loca’ Have in Common?

Here is the latest installment of Jessica Hagy’s “Indexed” series. (You can find her past Freakonomics posts here, and her website here.) This one is called “Milestones & Blips.” Personally, I think she will have a hard time ever surpassing the the bottom card in this series. Milestones & Blips Milestones

Indexed: Dreams & Nightmares

Last week, we ran the first installment of Jessica Hagy‘s special- Freakonomics-edition “Indexed” posts. Here is her homepage, and here is her latest for us: DREAMS & NIGHTMARES _____________________________________________________

Indexed, Freakonomics Edition

I am a fan of the blog Indexed, on which a young Ohio copywriter named Jessica Hagy creates sweet and simple graphical pictures, on index cards, that tell a story. The blog allows her, she writes, to “make fun of some things and sense of others. I use it to think a little more relationally without resorting to doing actual . . .