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Will the I.R.S. Learn to Nudge?

A new paper by William Congdon, Jeffrey Kling, and Sendhil Mullainathan provides an excellent summary of the implications of recent behavioral economics research for tax policy.

Tax Cheats or Tax Idiots?

So today is a two-fer: both Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer will not be joining the Obama administration, as planned, as Health and Human Services secretary and chief performance officer, respectively. They were both undone by failure to pay taxes.

Is It Still ‘Stimulus’ If It Takes Five Months?

With all eyes suddenly on the economy, thanks in large part I am convinced to the extra hyperbole produced by a presidential campaign, there is much talk now of what sort of government “stimulus” package may be offered. Without debating the value of Fed vs. legislative interventions, and without debating the potential long-term ills caused by such short-term interventions, let . . .