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Catastrophic Top Tens

Here are 20 tips for a safe weekend: Amanda Ripley busts 10 myths that could save your life in a disaster while Nassim Nicholas Taleb outlines 10 points to save the world from financial cataclysm. [%comments]

One Great Reply to Our "Favorite Scientist" Query

Yesterday we invited you to tell us your favorite scientists. The replies make for great reading. I would think that for anyone working in the field (science education, publishing, etc.) the answers could also be very useful. One of my favorite lists comes from a reader named Hale McMichael, a University of Texas senior who is “about to graduate with . . .

Tell Us Your Favorite Scientists

From a reader named Thomas Kennedy comes the following e-mail: I am an economics teacher from Alaska. I can personally list my top 10 favorite actors, top 10 favorite living writers, top 10 favorite rock groups, and even my top 10 living economists and top 10 entrepreneurs; but how many out there can name their top 10 living scientists and . . .

LIST-onomics: Tried and True

Proven: … If done clinically, it doesn’t mean much. … That data retention laws influence citizen behavior. … The fallacy of the National Association of Realtors’ sales numbers. … The economic impact of a local Chamber of Commerce. … A rural village in the Belgian province of West-Flanders.

LIST-onomics: A Sure Thing

Inevitable: … Vista at your workplace. … Lord of the Rings on Blu-ray. … Hearing loss after age 50. … Star Wars references in response to Bill Gates‘s holographic appearance. … A clash between parents and kids about whom they should date/marry.

LIST-onomics: Not Quite, But …

Almost: … like seeing the Pope: texting him. … all commercial U.S. flights have no air marshals on board. … a German officer came that close to assassinating Hitler. … how far Rolls Royce Q1 orders were from $15 billion. … how close the human race might have come to splitting in two.

LIST-onomics: A Few Days

Three days: … The amount of time auto-rickshaws are striking. … How long it took to crack the iPhone root password. … The length of the papal visit to New York. … How long a man played online games before dying. … How long a cow-human cross embryo lived.

LIST-onomics: One in a Few

One in five: … Spanish hotels allows pets. … respondents to a Nature survey has used brain-enhancing drugs. … children in Britain has never visited the countryside. … Americans says he is just able to meet living expenses. … viewings of The Office premier was on a computer screen instead of a T.V.

LIST-onomics: A Certain Percent

Lists are great. They can be revealing, cause anxiety, or serve no discernible purpose. But throw in some links and a statistic and you have … LIST-onomics, this blog’s newest diversion. Here is today’s list: 33 percent: … of parents say they set no rules for their children’s use of social networks. … the amount Indian steel prices shot up . . .