Please Welcome …

… the new editor of this blog, Annika Mengisen. She comes to Freakonomics from, where she was small-business editor and staff reporter. She studied journalism and fine arts at Rutgers; her current extracurriculars include boxing, small-scale theater, and serving as a rape-crisis counselor at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Her name alone would seem to be […]

Hello Hal: A Note From Your Editor

Greetings, Freakonomics community! This is your friendly neighborhood web editor, Melissa. Starting today, while Steven and Stephen will continue to post the same high-brow discussions of crack dealing, cheating, gold-digging and online poker that have long graced this site, I’ll also be posting under the eponymous apple/orange. So keep sending your good ideas to levittdubner […]

Please Welcome the First Editor of

As stated here before, this blog was barely meant to be born at all, much less go on for two years. But now we’ve decided to stick around for at least a couple more years — when, if all goes well, we’ll publish our next book. Since we’re going to keep at it, we figured, […]