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The FREAKest Links: Profits in Drug Dealing and Losses in Violence Edition

This week’s New York Magazine breaks down how money is made by all kinds of New York City individuals and businesses from a yellow-cab driver to sex shops to financial firms. Levitt gets a hat tip in the “Drug Dealer” write-up. A CDC study finds that violence costs the U.S. more than $70 billion per year, as much as the . . .

Freakonomics in the Times Magazine: Laid-Back Labor

In their May 6, 2007, column for the New York Times Magazine, Dubner and Levitt wonder: Why do Americans spend so much time and money performing menial tasks when they don’t have to? What’s with all the knitting, gardening, and – as the Census Bureau dubs it – “cooking for fun”? Why do we fill our hours with leisure activities that look an awful lot like work? Click here to read the article and here to comment. This blog post supplies additional research material.

Freakonomics in the Times Magazine: Monkey Business

Dubner and Levitt are writing a new monthly column in the New York Times Magazine. The column, like their book, is called “Freakonomics.” The first installment, “Monkey Business,” concerns a young Yale economist who is teaching capuchin monkeys to use money. Read this post for bonus matter.