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The Latest from the Brookings Panel

I’m back from my favorite conference of the year—the Brookings Papers on Economic Activity. It was a terrific line-up of papers. And to call the discussion lively would be an understatement. (Full disclosure: David Romer and I are the co-editors.)
While a close reading of technical research papers is my idea of a good time, I’m told not everyone is wired this way. So I went into the studio to record a very simple summary of my thoughts on the papers. You won’t quite get the whole two days of economic policy wonk-ery, but this video is a start:

Macro Insights from the Brookings Panel

Today, I’m off at the spring meeting of the Brookings Panel on Economic Activity.  And for any serious student of the economy, it’s a great line-up of papers.  (Full disclosure: David Romer and I are the editors.  We commissioned the papers, so of course we love ‘em.) Rather than write about the papers, I figured it might make more sense . . .