What’s an Institution You Admire?

Photo: geckorem We are in the midst of a national miasma in which the federal government and Wall Street in particular are considered practically vile. I am sure this will change — either when these institutions improve themselves or when the public moves on to another target. It is easy to assail institutions because they […]

Economist Price Fishback: The Real Facts About the Original Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (and What They Mean for a Modern Incarnation)

More and more people are calling for the government to create a Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (HOLC) modeled after the New Deal version that went by the same name. The first person I heard suggesting this was economist Alan Blinder in a startlingly prescient New York Times Op-Ed piece back in February of this year. […]

A Hippocratic Oath for Business Executives?

Over the last year, the credit crisis has erased trillions of dollars in investor wealth here in the United States. The bad-credit contagion has spread to most of the world’s major banks. Retirement savings have been wiped out, recession-related violence is rising, and at least one formerly financially stable country — Iceland — has teetered […]