FREAK Shots: Mispriced Hot Dogs

Tom Glickman sent us this photo at a Nathan's restaurant. One hot dog will cost you $1.99. But two will cost you $3.99 -- and four will cost you $5.99. As Tom writes: "Not the most egregious mistake in pricing, but most curious that one is overcharged by a penny for every additional hot dog you purchase."

The Arctic in Pictures

A few months ago, Dubner snapped some iPhone pictures of the Arctic from an airplane. If you're hankering for some professional photos, check out FP's photoessay "The Ice Kingdom."

FREAK Shots: One-Stop Shopping for Aggressive Motorists

An odd car pairing.

FREAK Shots: Creative Science

Religion and science coexisting.

FREAK Shots: A Cheap Parking Spot

A penny for parking.

FREAK Shots: Would You Take Free Food?

The more you buy, the more you save.

FREAK Shots: Coffee Pricing

Get a large coffee for the same price as a medium?

This Is What It Looks Like to Fly Over the Arctic in May

It's breathtaking.

FREAK Shots: Everybody Loves a Winner

A blue-ribbon shortage.

FREAK Shots: The Oil Sands

Photographs of Canada's oil sands.