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Baby Einstein's Refund: Not so Smart?

Roughly 15 years ago, before there was such a thing as Baby Einstein, I had a business idea that emerged from a dinner conversation with a linguist. We got to talking about how hard it was for adults learning foreign languages to ever sound like native speakers.
One reason for this is, apparently, is that there are sounds that occur in some languages and not others. If you are raised hearing only English in your first year or two of life, your brain loses some of its ability to discern the sounds that don’t arise in spoken English.

Why My Students Don't Get Rebates

Ian Ayres recently posted about his returning to his students the royalties on his book that he assigned to them.
This has caused me trouble: one of my students read it and asked why I don’t do that as well for my little book, Economics Is Everywhere. I have done this before, when I assigned my labor economics text to a class of 35 students, but not in her class.

Getting Fired? Hurry, Buy This Suit

| Say you’ve just bought a new suit to spruce yourself up on the job. The next morning, your boss calls you into his office, compliments you on your fashionable duds, and with a heavy heart, lays you off. To address this very situation, the Jos. A. Bank menswear chain is running a “Risk Free Suit” promotion. Buy a suit . . .