Camp Fires and Skepticism

Camp Quest is like a regular summer camp -- campers canoe and swim -- except that one of the main activities is trying to prove unicorns do not exist in order to win a ?10 note signed by Richard Dawkins.

A Speech of Mine That Bombed

A few months after Freakonomics was first released I was honored to be invited to speak at my first European TED conference, held in the United Kingdom. I wasn’t sure what to talk about. At my first TED appearance a couple years earlier I had given a rather edgy talk about gangs that had been […]

Cut God Some Slack

A little more than a year ago I blogged about how every third book had the word “bullshit” in its title. Happily, that trend faded. I could only find two books on Amazon released in the last year with “bullshit” in the title. Now, it seems that going after God is the hip thing to […]