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The FREAK-est Links

Germany had good intentions when it began hoarding solar panels.(HT: Saad Abdali) Hemingway’s haunt offers charity to American subprime victims.(Earlier) Student of law and economics gives it up for a career in fast food and amazing videos.(HT: David Black) Are male geishas the new handbag?

A Look Back at the Subprime Mess (or: Itzhak Ben-David Is a Prophet)

Back in June, 2007, we wrote a column about the research of Itzhak Ben-David, a Ph.D. candidate in finance at the University of Chicago (who has since accepted an assistant professor position at the Ohio State University). He had been studying the cash-back transaction — a real-estate sleight of hand in which cash-poor buyers received an unrecorded cash rebate from . . .

Who Benefits From the Subprime Crisis?

The parties who are suffering from the subprime crisis are vast and varied, as well as in the newspapers every day. One reason the crisis has gotten so much attention, in fact, is because these parties are so vast and varied. The typical financial crisis has one or two big villains (think Enron) and a vague coterie of victims (think . . .