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Seal Training or Learning?

Yesterday I got a short and sweet insight into learning, courtesy of the New England Aquarium, where I took our daughters for our weekly visit. One of our favorite exhibits is the training session for the sea lions and fur seals. In the audience this time were about 100 school children with parents and teachers. To introduce the session, the lead trainer conducted the following discussion:

How many of you do chores? (Many hands go up.)

How many of you get an allowance for doing chores? (Most hands remain in the air.)

How many of do homework?

  • How many you have to finish your homework before you can go outside to play? (Lots of hands still in the air.)

    I see lots of hands! It makes homework not so bad because you get a reward at the end.

  • Eat By the Numbers

    A friend of mine went through Naval Officer Candidate School a while back, and I recently stumbled upon an old e-mail he’d sent me that included the following: It has been eight weeks, and my training class is about to become the “senior class on deck,” which means that we are responsible for running the junior classes. It also means . . .