I Had No Idea I Sounded Like Axl Rose


We recently posted a noisy song, “The Final Day,” by an unnamed artist, and ran a contest asking you to identify the performer. It sounded like it might be the latest in our series of recession songs, or maybe an outright apocalyptic number:

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The singer was me. Yeah, it was a song from my old band, The Right Profile — not one of our best songs by a long shot but one that, as a friend wrote to say recently, sounded as if it could have been written about the current economic maelstrom.

I couldn’t believe how many readers thought it was Axl Rose singing. Honestly, I’m barely familiar with him — I went cold turkey on noisy rock after I stopped making it myself — so I don’t know quite how to take that. My tastes ran more toward the Rolling Stones and Jimmy Reed and Hank Williams (Sr.) and Bob Dylan.

As usual with our contests, the correct answer was posted within minutes, in this case by one Dmitri Leybman. He’ll get a piece of Freakonomics schwag for his work.

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  1. Sam G says:

    Here’s what I love about your song: You can hear the instruments. You can distinguish the bass, guitar, and drums from each other without the vocals (or any of the other instruments) overwhelming them.

    If only professional musicians and sound engineers could dedicate themselves to ending the “Loudness War.”

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  2. Dana L says:

    I’m not sure if it’s Axl I’m hearing, I think its sounds more like early Mick Jagger.

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  3. Caliphilosopher says:

    Maybe you should get that band up and running again – you’ve got to sound better than some of those new pseudo-pop-alterna-rockers that somehow keep getting record deals.

    Good job on that song!

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  4. Caliphilosopher says:

    I just listened to it again.

    You should really get back in the studio. I’d definitely buy a cd, especially if you keep that organ in a few more of your songs.

    Reminds me of one of those CDs that you pop in your car for a long ride across country.

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  5. Cory says:

    Forget your own band… call up Slash, Izzy, Duff, and Adler and get GN’R back together!

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  6. The_UTP says:

    Make another record! I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is more Dubner records.

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  7. Jose says:

    The music is not my style, but you have a little bit of Axl.

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  8. Mojo Bone says:

    I hear some similarities with Mr. Rose, but I too, am reminded more of early Mick. If you decide to have another go, find a drummer that can keep time. 😉

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