How Liberal Do You Think You Are?

Voters "misperceive where they lie on the ideological spectrum."

Dutch Gold Diggers, With Government Approval

A scheme to get Dutch women off the welfare rolls.

Aggression and Accidents

Last post, I presented research showing that men are more deadly than women when behind the wheel. Researchers presume this is because men have a predisposition toward aggression and thrill-seeking, thanks to the testosterone that helped our male ancestors stalk, struggle and seduce their way to successful gene replication.

Why You'd Rather Ride With a Woman Than a Man

Last post, I passed on some data showing that women are somewhat more likely than men to be involved in car accidents on a per mile driven basis. But men are far more likely (by between 50 and 100 percent) to be in crashes involving loss of life. Why are men's crashes so much more tragic?

A Reversal of the "Missing Women" Phenomenon?

In at least one Asian country, however, there's reason to believe the missing women phenomenon may someday disappear. South Korean parents, who have historically preferred sons, are now more likely to express a preference for daughters.

Who Drives Better, Men or Women?

We've established that men are more likely to take the wheel when a couple rides together, but should we care? I say we should. Aside from the cultural, sociological and psychological implications, the gender driving disparity might be costing us lives and treasure. If women are more skilled drivers than men, perhaps we'd all be better off if they were behind the wheel and men were in the passenger seat knitting.

Could Women Have Prevented a Financial Crisis?

The economist Anne Sibert hypothesizes that gender inequality in the finance industry is partly to blame for the financial crisis. She points to evidence that men are less risk-averse in financial decision-making, more overconfident, and perhaps susceptible to testosterone-fueled feedback loops in asset bubbles.

It's a Boy! (With All the Extras You Ordered)

Ian Ayers recently blegged you about boy-specific or girl-specific Happy Meal toys from McDonald's.

But forget about toys; when was the last time your doctor asked if you'd like to choose your child's sex?

Our Daily Bleg: Happy Meal Toys

Photo: flavouz Here’s a bleg asking what happened the last time you ordered a Happy Meal at McDonald’s. I’m particularly interested in whether you were asked a toy question and how it was framed. Here in Connecticut, when I drive through, I’m sometimes asked whether the toy is for a boy or a girl. Sometimes […]

And Fry It Up in a Pan

It's social change alright: 26 percent of working wives out-earned their working husbands in 2006, up by nearly half from 20 years ago.

Now that many more women are graduating college than men, higher-earning wives are going to become the new normal.