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Quills on TV

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote in the first Quill Book
Awards. As promised, the oh-so-glamorous Oscars of the book world will
be broadcast on select NBC stations on Saturday, October 22nd. The
show is on at 7pm in all locations, and is only an hour, so it’s hard
to know if the awarding of Best Business Book will even be shown. If
it is, though, you might just see a familiar face…

Here are the cities where the show will air:

NBC Stations:
WNBC (NBC4 New York)
KNBC (NBC4 Los Angeles)
WMAQ (NBC5 Chicago)
WCAU (NBC10 Philadelphia)
KNTV (NBC3 San Jose/San Franisco)
KXAS (NBC5 Dallas/Fort Worth)
WRC (NBC4 Washington)
WTVJ (NBC6 Miami)
KNSD (NBC7/39 San Diego)
WVIT (NBC30 Hartford)
WNCN (NBC17 Raleigh)
WCMH (NBC4 Columbus)
WVTM (NBC13 Birmingham)
WJAR (NBC10 Providence)