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Whom Do You Want to Hear From?

Of all the changes we’ve made to this blog in recent months, my favorites are the reader-generated Q&A’s (here’s a recent example) and our Freakonomics Quorums (the most recent of which was about the future of the music industry).

(I also love the “Freak-TV” videos that Nick Graham is making, but they are kind of hard to view right now, located as they are in the right-hand column of the blog; the Times tells us that we will soon be able to embed the videos within blog posts, which will be a big improvement.)

We have what we think are a lot of good ideas for future Q&A subjects and quorum discussions, but I’d really like to hear your suggestions, too. Whom do you want to hear from in these Q&A’s, and what kinds of topics do you want talked about in the quorums? Of course, we can’t always nail down the people we might want, but we’ll certainly try.