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You Are a Bunch of Wannabe Prostitutes

That is the finding of our informal “Would You Rather” poll, asking if you’d rather be arrested for embezzlement or prostitution.

By a measure of nearly 4-to-1, you chose prostitution. It’s amazing what you learn about people when you have a blog.

As promised, a piece of Freakonomics schwag goes to someone who wrote a particularly entertaining reply. That someone is Charlie, and he happened to choose embezzlement. Here’s his reply:

Easy. Embezzlement.

If I am stealing money from a company it means that:

A. I could really use the extra dough.

B. I have no respect for the company I’m stealing from.

Getting fired might not be such a bad thing. Although it looks horrible on a resume and I may have ruined my chances of ever finding a decent job again … it might motivate me to start my own company and depend on myself. Maybe this is the push I needed to chase a dream.

Not to mention that my mother would never speak to me again if I got nabbed for prostitution.