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A Freakonomics Quiz for College Basketball Fanatics

Here is a hard quiz for you. Very hard. Even if you are both knowledgeable about college basketball and clever, I doubt you will answer this quiz correctly.

It is a two part question:

I heard Roy Williams speak recently.

(1) Who did Williams describe as “the best 3-point shooter he ever coached?”

(2) On what basis did he make the claim that this player had been his best 3-point shooter?

You have to get both questions right to win. If you get the first question right, then you will likely get the second question right as well. That is a hint.

Here is another (not very useful) hint: the player in question is a big fan of Freakonomics.

If you were in the room when Williams made the statement, you are not eligible. The only exception we will make is if you are the player in question. In other words, we’ll allow Williams’s best 3-point shooter to win this contest, and he was in the room.

First correct answer gets some Freakonomics schwag.