Indexed: Drop & Devour

Here is the latest offering of Indexed drawings from our regular guest poster Jessica Hagy. Her past posts are here, her own blog here, and her new book here.

If the past is any indication of the future, then at least one commenter will write something to the effect of: “Huh? What are these drawings doing on the Freakonomics blog? They don’t belong here. Because Freakonomics is about [fill in the blank], and not about [fill in the blank]. Get rid of these!”

And then someone else will write something like: “Shut up. Jessica Hagy is brilliant, and if you weren’t such a numbskull you would know that.”

And the rest of us will sit back and be nearly as entertained by the comments as by Hagy’s work.

Hagy Indexed
Hagy Indexed

Leland Witter

The posts belong here because Mr. Dubner and Mr. Levitt are the "owners" of the blog and they have decided to include them. Arguments to the contrary seem pointless to me. As is this comment, all things considered.


Comments about appropriateness of Indexed posts successfully avoided! I salute you, fellow readers.


Stop over analyzing her charts. I usually get at least a good chuckle out of them. And here's a thought: if you don't like them, don't read them! Just move on with your day.


I agree with Merr (#12) as I skip over these posts. If interested, I'd bookmark her blog.
BTW, it s/b Dentist not Tooth Fairy.

Thomas B.

Ooh, I've got two!

P1. All men are mortal.
P2. Socrates is a man.
C. A broken heart.


((Stating the Obvious (union) Being Vague) (intersection) In Silly New Ways)
(subset) (Begging for Cheap Praise)


so... i still don't know why people get so riled up over the presence of these on freakonomics.

sure, they aren't really "economics" related, but whatever. they are funny, and dubner and levitt and co. are free to post just about anything they want on here.

i mean, what do poker and rock paper scisors have to do with economics, except for the fact that they are enjoyed by dubner and levitt? not that much, but they are highly welcome here because the blog is trying to present a long-view of the people who compile it. nothing more. seeing blog-as-examination-of-author, indexed belongs here.

Rev Matt

Huh? What are these drawings doing on the Freakonomics blog? They don't belong here. Because Freakonomics is about Venn diagrams and charts, and not about Venn diagrams and charts. Get rid of these!


At our house on November 1st the Toothless Fairy comes when you leave your candy outside. She takes it away and leaves a gift.


'The Tooth Fairy'... that kind of like 'The Invisible Hand'?


It would be great to see some article focussing on the impact of comments generated by this type of article... then that uber talented lady could do a Venn diagram based humour type thing on the whole piece which this blog could reference later... genius!


I find it funny that my comment was not approved - it consisted of support for Hagy's posts, observation that she had the more successful blog (which was so successful it turned into a book) than the Freakonomics blog (which came into being as a result of a successful book), and observation that many Freakonomics posts were slanted towards libertarianism.

I'm trying to figure out which aspect caused the site operators to refuse the post.