dear Ed-ward, from ya know

Sorry, but to do the math, you gotta be a woman. How's that for ya. The opposite of what ya think.

gotta know it to feel it to believe it then..... con- assumption is reduced hopefully to the mini-mum.

sincerely and with all due respect, ya know.


Don't worry, Jess. I alone, among the heaving mass of Freakonomics trainspotters, like it and think it's flawless and also think you have a pretty author photograph.


I loved all the previous ones, but just not feeling this one.

mission assumptionless

Dear Urbie;

That depends on who is sitting at the table. What if it were Einstein figuring out what to do to improve the environment- what if not one Einstein, but an increasing number of such supposed fellas ...
the more tables, the more solutions-

Kidding or not? just a query on a query? And Davey- Better look again. wow---- might the field of cryminal investigations be helped.

Thomas B.

So... freelancers work from Starbucks, and don't get benefits?

I'm trying to like these more, but don't think I really understand them. Is the underlying comment supposed to be interesting, or just the presentation?

a coffee hater.

There could be a point five lines below "plentiful full-time gigs" called "recession."


Urb, she's been at this a while and she's pretty good at it. It's art, not math.


Shouldn't the X and Y axes be reversed? That is, health of tech sector would be the independent variable, with Starbucks tables the dependent one.



How does wages fit into this?

Economics and Compassion

This is my best stab at what I believe this is saying . . . If the health of the technology sector is high (constant) then the more free lancers there are the less open tables there will be at Starbucks. But, if there are more full time positions available there will be more open tables at Starbucks. I'm trying to figure out the title, why, do they have better insurance? Whether or not people are in Starbucks or not they consume Starbucks. If people have more steady paying jobs they will still purchase the drinks.

One question: Now that there are less freelancers might the venture over to the McCafe since they're just taking it to work with them (not enjoying the atmosphere of Starbucks) and its cheaper? Is Starbucks brand name that strong?


My Dear Rob;

gotta look past the form to the real substance of the problem gotten at long ago by a German immigrant, but true adopted American. But heh- this will be in the guiness book so please be patient- gotta find a host. (2008, June 1, All rights reserved and I mean all) sorry , but these days trust is in the air, until I see it, I cannot believe it.)

Your friend......

Rob R.

I frequently see "free-lancers" doing work online at Starbucks. Make sense to me.

If you have a friend who teaches math at any level that you would like to impress you should send them Jessica's URL. They love them.