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Bring Your Questions for a Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Zenn/><span class=Dr. Michael Zenn.

For several years now, plastic surgery has been booming — and sparking events like the nation’s first plastic surgery fashion show. Some surgeons, however, claim the economy has been slowing their business.

Dr. Michael Zenn, a double-board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Duke University Medical Center, specializes in breast and facial reconstruction.

His website simply advises potential patients: “When the thing you want to change is a physical one, plastic surgery might be for you.”

Zenn is nationally renowned for his microsurgical procedures such as facial reanimation, is the program director of the Duke Plastic Surgery training program, has an active cosmetic surgery practice, and founded “Saving Face,” a program that educates high school students on the risks of tobacco use and sun exposure. He has also been named a Top Doctor in Redbook and the Ladies Home Journal (whose medical expertise I cannot vouch for).

Zenn has agreed to field questions from Freakonomics readers, so bring him your best — about surgery, the industry, even the beauty premium — in the comments section below.

As with past Q&A’s, his answers will be published here shortly.

Addendum: Zenn answers your questions here.