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Dear Reader, Please Help Win Me Dinner

Yesterday, I asked Tyler Cowen if he’s willing to bet his Marginal Revolution readers against Freakonomics readers in the caption-that-photo contest we announced earlier this week.

I’m pleased to report that Cowen is a betting man after all. Yes Tyler, your bet is accepted — and it’s dinner on the loser. I remain confident that the winning caption will be from a Freako reader, rather than an M.R. comment. And readers of both Freako and M.R., don’t fear — Paul Krugman has assured me that he is willing to judge entries submitted to either website.

Put your Thanksgiving table to work; see if you can come up with the perfect caption to the Krugman-meets-Bush photo, and post your entry here (not here, here, or here). We’ll ask Krugman to settle this one over the weekend, so get your entries in before midnight on Friday. (If Tyler’s computer problems persist, we’ll wait until they are fixed.)

Addendum: The winners are announced here.