A Pop Quiz

Who will buy the movie rights for this charming article about a 73-year-old college basketball player, and when, and for how much, and what will the eventual movie be titled?

A piece of Freakonomics schwag goes to the person whose guess is most entertaining or, failing that, most accurate.

INSERT DESCRIPTIONPhoto: Shawn Poynter for The New York Times

Dan Abrams

Disney has decided that old people are the new cute, replacing dogs and little kids, and will be releasing this movie as part of the Air Bud franchise.

As the new title is direct to video, upfront story rights are very low five figures, but against 50% net profits on the VHS rights (old people don't know that there's no more VHS).

The film, to be helmed by Clint Eastwood, who has experience directing the elderly (namely, himself), will be called, thanks to the utterly clever line in the article from which it's adapted: "Watch out for 73--and that's his age, not his number!!!"

Dustin Hoffman will star, as being old was not seen as complication enough, so being short is added to the mix.

Walter Wimberly

I say Tom Cruise as he's looking to 'redefine' himself and for the title: "Old Men Can't Jump" or "Old Man on Campus"


I have a feeling Clint Eastwood might go for this one considering he is almost his age.

The actual film would be something between Million Dollar Baby and The good, the bad and the ugly and could be titled the Medicare Guard.


Movie Title: Old Balls


Nobody will buy. It's a JV community college team and he doesn't play.

That said, it would be called "Overtime."


Official guess:
"Old School Baller"

other guesses for fun:
"Senescent Hoops"
"Senior Hoops"
"Ken Can"
"Late Offense"
"Depends Dandy"
"Retired Number"
"Seasoned Veteran"


Oh one more guess for fun, from the title of the article:

"Second Shot"

vince crunk

Sumner Redstone only because the guy reminds me of him!


Potential buyer:
Fox Searchlight or Miramax

Orr a made for TV movie. Why bother with theaters?

Potential buyout:

Potential Release Date:
A year or two from now. Depending on whether Mr. Mink decides to forgo his last year of college and enter the NBA draft.

Potential Movie Titles:
"Fade Away Jumpshot"
"Buzzer Beater"
"Double Dribble"


"Last Shot"


"The Old College Try"


If its a comedy, "Double Dribble" with a poster of him drooling while asleep on the bench.

If it is a drama, "Shot Clock" with a poster of him next to his younger team members.


The Hallmark Channel presents:

"The Basket Maker"


How about:

3 point Bucket List
The Grey Shadow


Veteran Presence


The guy who owns Virgin airlines will do all of it, as one of his eccentric gags.

Title: Jumping Close To Heaven

(Get it? He can jump really high, and hes also about to die?)

Subtitle/motto/poster one-liner: He'll take your team down faster than his generation takes down the remaining funds in social security.

Or: He sees more air than his peer's breathing machienes.


Disney, of course, will buy the rights, but only after someone else makes a similar movie that is successful at the box office.

Title: "Senior Year" or "Senior Varsity"

Doug Schoemer

"The Old Man and the Three"

directed by Thomas Carter, starring Ken Howard


$76,000 (a $1,000 a year).
"The Old Man and the THREE"


Who: Marc Cuban. Either that guy is the pinnacle of diversification, or he has horrible investment ADHD.
When: After someone else turns it into a made-for-tv movie.
How Much: $Dwayne Wade
Title: "Sonny, in my day we used peach baskets"