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Got Six Words to Inspire America?

If Barack Obama‘s inaugural address could be just six words long, how would it read?

Back in February, we ran a contest asking for a new six-word motto for the U.S. (The winner: “Our worst critics prefer to stay.”) We were riffing off of a then-new book, Not Quite What I Was Planning, which contained six-word memoirs by people from all walks of life.

Now the book’s editors and the National Constitution Center are holding a contest to see who can write the most inspiring six-word incantation for the Obama era. Can you beat “Malice toward none, charity for all” or “Nothing to fear but fear itself”? Give a try here.

Entries will be judged by, among others, Stephen Dubner. (He also contributed to the six-word-memoir book. His entry: “On the seventh word, he rested.”) The deadline is January 5, 2009.