Contest: A Six-Word Motto for the U.S.?

Inspired by a recent trip to London, this recent Times article about England’s reluctant search for a national motto (suggestions range from “No Motto Please, We’re British” to “One Mighty Empire, Slightly Used”), as well as by this new book on six-word memoirs (which we teased not long ago here), I invite you all to attempt the following:

Write a six-word motto for the U.S. of A.

Foreign players are most welcome. Feel free to include, along with your answer, your age, gender, vocation, where you live, and who you would vote for in the upcoming presidential election. Feel free also to punctuate your motto liberally (or, if you will, conservatively); for instance: “Battered? A bit. Beaten? Puh-leeze. Onward!”

The best entry, as decided by a quorum of ourselves and a batch of capuchin monkeys we keep at the ready, receives her/his choice of Freakonomics schwag.

Note: The winner of the contest can be found here.


With apologies to Eli -
"Everyone counts (poorly). Everyone matters (little)."


U.S. of A: The Commander Guys

We are the Deciders


There's some really interesting stuff in these comments. Apparently a lot of Freakonomics readers don't like America too much.

Third world health care? Really? Have you tried to get health care in the third world?

Here's my try:

Vision to endeavor; Courage to correct.

Despite what the average reader of this blog might think, America has generally been a force for good in the world. We are the great experiment. Sure, we get things wrong a lot, but we generally make amends for them in the end.



Great power... not so great responsibility.

We do it 'cause we can.

Your opinion doesn't matter; we're right.

26, male, analyst, Boston, Kucinich


We Point the Army and Shoot

40/Male/Scientist/Silver Spring MD/Obama


Manifest your destiny with whitewashed mythology.
Fool you once, shame on me...

31, Male, Systems Analyst, Canada, Clinton

Yubi Cicirello Davis least we're not Canada.


Still Using Fahrenheit, Feet, and Gallons.


"Living proof of Arrow's Impossibility Theorem."

24, M, Graduate Student, Durham NC, Obama

Paul Koenig

"Land of the six word motto"


Good, but could be better.


All your oil belong to us.

Paul Hoffman


Timeless, male, sports fan, Anytown, too busy to vote but not too busy to cheer.


Liz, thats 5 letters.. maybe in reply to that there can be 1 more motto
"We need to work on math"


Equal Representation*

*Offer void in D.C.

27, Paralegal, Washington DC, Al Gore

ps. Unless you're a scientist, Fahrenheit, feet and gallons are the best units of measurement for humans. but that's a VERY interesting discussion for another day.


Everyone counts. Everyone matters.


"Supporting Free Trade since 1776 (sic)"

19, M, Economics Student, Norfolk, England.

Mike B.

We came. We saw. We conquered.


Enlightment scientific rationality meets puritan morality

34, male, podcaster, Cleveland Ohio, Obama


"Sorry Ben, no longer a republic"


"Do what we say, or else"

27/M/Chicago, IL/Ron Paul