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Finalists for the New U.S. Six-Word Motto

We recently solicited your suggestions for a new six-word motto for the U.S. (Yes, this is a reprise of last year’s contest.)
As always, you came through brilliantly, with more than 300 submissions. Here are our choices for the six finalists:
1. Consumption’s the Cure That Ails Us. (Submitted by Quin.)
2. We Will Get It Right, Eventually. (Herb)
3. We Are Too Big to Fail. (Jonathan)
4. The Streets Are Paved With CASH4GOLD.COM. (James)
5. Learn to Live Within Your Means. (Greg)
6. Wow, Can You Believe This Place? (Ms. Fortune)
Since we don’t have one of those fancy voting widgets on this blog, you’ll just have to type your winner in the comments. Vote early, vote often, vote hard, and may the best mottoist win. The winner will get her/his choice of Freakonomics schwag. I know which one I’m voting for …
Addendum: The winner is announced here.