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Recession Culture: And Bring My Slippers, Too

smokingPhoto: orangeacid

If cigars were the big-money-culture item of the booming 1990’s, and ever-larger S.U.V.’s and McMansions were the status symbols of the mid-2000’s, maybe it makes sense that we’re wrapping ourselves in Snuggies as the recession sets in.
What else symbolizes our new austerity? Apparently, tobacco pipes.
The Wall Street Journal reports that pipe smoking is on the rebound, especially among younger people:

“Cigars said, ‘I’ve made it,'” Mr. Shindler says. “It was a form of reward for yourself. When Wall Street crashed, people backed off from that.” Pipe smoking, he says, has a more calming effect. “It’s a comfortable aroma. It reminds you of grandpa. People are looking for that kind of comfort.”

Snuggies are one thing. Now, tobacco pipes for young people as a cheaper and more ruminative (though definitely not safer) alternative to cigars and cigarettes? What’s next, single guys with cats?