Last Chance to Own the First Copy of SuperFreakonomics

The charity auction for the first copy off the presses of SuperFreakonomics will wrap up later today. (The authors will autograph and personalize it to the winner, who will also get a letter of authenticity from the publisher and a SuperFreak t-shirt.) As of very early this morning, the price had reached $700. The bidding takes place here, on eBay; the beneficiaries, as explained here, are The Smile Train and the Juvenile Arthritis Alliance. [%comments]


Do you mean the first copy in the United States? I live in Thailand and bought a copy a few days ago; there were different versions by different publishers too.


Can any one tell me if the book is going on sale in europe at the same time as the U.S? I live in Ireland


It's interesting that you have declared the charitable beneficiary rather than allowing the winner to make his/her own choice. Allowing choice may have resulted in a higher bid, as not all bidders are likely to have your affinity for the charity you have chosen. Perhaps your preference for this particular charity outweighs your preference for charitable donations in general, and this potential decrease in donation does not overcome this preference.


Ben, I don't see that as suprising.

Steven/Stephen's motivation for this sale is to raise the most money for charities they like. That goal would be subverted if the participant chose a charity they were not fond of for some reason.


i am looking forward to some insightful additions to their previous book which has gained world acclaim...these boys are really down to earth and quite bright and if i may say so, excellent in their presentation and on air appearances...bravo!