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Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover, Yada Yada Yada

A while back, we gave you a sneak peek of the SuperFreakonomics book cover. Your comments were a blast to read. Who knew there were so many graphic designers among our readership?
Alas, we didn’t change a thing about the cover. Here’s a brief video clip, shot by Meghan Shupe, of the cover being printed. The machine is in Maryland and shoots out 900 jackets a minute.

The jackets are then shipped to the bindery (R.R. Donnelley, in Harrisonburg, Va.) where the books themselves are printed. Once the books are jacketed, they are boxed up and shipped off to HarperCollins warehouses in Scranton, Pa., and Williamsport, Pa. For a neat look at how this whole process works for a gigantic-selling book — Dan Brown‘s The Lost Symbol — see the video clip on the book’s Amazon page, here.