Today, I Am a Lawbreaker: A Freakonomics Contest

Yesterday, and for much of the past year, I regularly did something that was perfectly legal.

Starting today, if I do the same thing, I am breaking a New York State law.

What is it that I’m doing?

The first correct answer earns a signed copy of SuperFreakonomics or a piece of Freakonomics schwag.

Addendum: The answer and winner are announced here.


ok it's a guess. texting while driving?


Are you referring to the Booster Seat Law (to include children under 8, previously 6)?


texting while driving?


Perhaps you are letting your 7 year old child ride in the car without an "appropriate child safety restraint system"

David Millar

New Seat Belt Law Changes

Is required for all children until their 8th birthday as of November 24, 2009,. (Prior to November 24, 2009, the requirement applies to children until their 7th birthday), and....

Rebecca Brown

Have your under eight-years-old kids not in a car seat?

Walter Wimberly

Does it have to do with the new child safety restraint laws in New York?


Took a charitable deduction for a gift to the U.H.O.


You buckled your 7-year old child into a regular seatbelt. As of today, he/she must be in "an appropriate child safety restraint system," which requires more than the standard car seatbelt and cannot be in the front seat.


Unsafe Crib Man

yeah...the booster seat law...I'm glad my kids are all over 8


Your 8 year old child is riding without a booster seat?

Paul Puckett

You are letting your seven year old text and drive without an appropriate child safety restraint system?




Holding an illegal lottery! :)


Your kid isn't eight and he is riding in your car without a child passenger restraint.


Talking on a cell phone while driving.

Brian F.

You have been driving with your 7 or 8 year old not in a booster seat.


Talking on the cellphone while driving.


A new booster seat law goes into effect across New York today.

Now children must be in a booster seat while riding in the car until they're 8 years old or at least 4'9" tall. That adds a year to the existing law, which capped the booster seat age at 7. The change is because the shoulder strap on seatbelts tends to hug the child's neck rather than the chest like it's supposed to, which increases the risk of injury or death.


i vote for driving without a child safety restraint system for all children under 8 years old.