An Organ Printer?

We’ve blogged at length about the shortage of donor organs in the United States. A company in San Diego is working on a solution to that problem: “the first commercial 3D bio-printer for manufacturing human tissue and organs.” The machine will initially be used to make only simple tissues for research purposes, but the company hopes to eventually produce more complex body parts. In fact, some day bio-printers may even “be capable of printing tissues and organs directly into the body.” (HT: Daniel Lippman)[%comments]


Just in time for the release of "Repo Men."

Eric M. Jones

I hear the John Holmes' organ is a big seller.

Joe Weber

For a different spin on this issue, check out Good Magazine's video take. Argues that we ought to harvest the useful organs of executed criminals, perhaps letting them make the only useful contributions of their generally wretched lives. The only-slightly-Swiftian piece is at Well worth a read.


This could aslo be used to create certified salmonella-free chicken carpaccio.


Please consider the environment before printing




In 5-10 years of course. Along with stem cell teeth.