Blondes Have More…

Economists at the University of Queensland claim that blonde-haired women earn more than their dark-haired counterparts, even after controlling for other factors, and marry higher-earning men. The researchers couldn’t explain blondes’ financial success. “Blondes have wealthier husbands because we are more fun and outgoing, and men are more attracted to us,” said Olga Uskova, president of the International Blondes Association. “We also do better in the workplace because when we make a mistake we can say, ‘Oh, sorry about that, it’s because I’m blonde’ and get away with it.” The blonde advantage will not surprise anyone who has read about beauty premiums or John List‘s research showing that blonde women are even better at soliciting charitable donations. (HT: Daniel Lippman)[%comments]

Natural versus dyed numbers please.

They've turned the world upside down with this one.


I'm curious how that association meeting would go...

Eric M. Jones

Here's my crackpot theory---

Photographers know that blondes photograph MUCH easier than other people, and blacks are very hard to photograph in natural settings. The problem is the contrast ratio. (ps...I was told this by a black photographer). This was a key in early movies that set social standards of attractiveness.

So it might be that an unexpected consequence of the photographers art decreed that blondes are considered more "attractive" because they are more likely to be photographed.

( I actually knew an attractive NATURAL blonde who dyed her hair brunette, because all her girlfriends were blonde...mostly dyed...)


"Darker counterparts"? Does that refer to the just Brunettes or to the Redheads of the world as well?


How about the likelihood that blonde women are more likely to be white than non-white? Given that, for every dollar a white man makes, a white woman makes $0.73, a black woman makes $0.63, and a Hispanic woman makes $0.52, I can think of some ways that this study is not really just comparing hair color . . . *

*This is a quote from a commentor on the Jezebel blog. I am repeating it here, because he/she said it better than I could.

a brunette

Funny and perhaps somewhat true! My blond haired daughter (of 17) noticed that wealthy boys seem to be attracted to her. She does not know why. She is definately more secure than I was at the time about herself, but I doubt it has anything to do with her blond hair. I think it has to do with such boys from wealthy backgrounds (steeped in Protestant attitudes) having cold mothers of which I am not, nor is she i.e., cold and warm tend to make a good match.

Rudiger in Jersey

A $5 can of hair dye at Walmart and 2 hours would give a woman or man any color hair in the spectrum. By this article, we should have about a 90% blonde prevalence.

But blondes dyes are not the runaway favorite, judging by sales and the street. There are numerous factors in attraction and hair is pretty superficial.


A blonde woman (most are dyed) reflects an effort to be perceived as attractive. They likely also have salon hair, do their nails, wear makeup and watch their weight. They do more with what they have, and since we live in a male dominated society, these women will prosper more than their brunette counter part. Unless of course you happen to be the breathtaking beauty of Catherine Zeta Jones or similar..There are always exceptions!. Most women look better blonde, I know I do.

Daniele (brunette)

It's women with big boobs that have more fun

Garvit Sah

I think it has got less to do with "Oh I'm blonde so I can get away with it" but more with the fact that psychologically people tend to favor good looking people. Lets see, there might me N number of talented actors but the ones who become stars are mostly the more good looking ones.
It can also be argued that physical beauty is a art of one's overall personality and so everything else being the same, it should come as no surprise if the more beautiful ones are the ones selected for jobs and promotions.


#5 is spot on. Blonde women are more likely to be white than non-white.

Thank you Jezebel and Diziet_Sma.


Do they earn an advantage over the phone?


#5 and #11 - don't forget this is an Australian study - our country doesn't have many hispanics at all, and is only just seeing any significant African migrantion in the past ten years or so, so our non-white population is small, particularly in Queensland.

I'm not sure how much race is a factor here, might be good to see if it's mentioned in the original study.


Dyed blondes don't count! It looks fake and everybody knows it's not real. Natural blondes rule!! I'd like to see this study repeated, but comparing natural vs. fake blondes and see how that affects the results.



So, you are completely ignoring native Aboriginals? They don't count, I guess. Wow.


Most blondes these days are fake,so really it is dyed brunettes making all this supposed money.
But I must add,I have been blonde and brunette and it didn't effect my income one way or another.
Studies like this one seem to have an agenda.


I know why blondes earn more money. The two kinds of women that earn more money than normal are blondes and prostitutes, the common link being sex. They both offer sex. Blonde women do get attention for being blonde mostly from racist men and there is a lot of racism. Rich men use blonde women in the same opportunistic way they use them. Marrying a blonde is a ticket into a racist society and the man's claim to superiority in that circle whether social or business. There aren't as many blondes either, so they get scooped up by the racist men. Pretty Blondes have always had special treatment in racist societies and that is why today they are seen as aggressive, especially towards other women who are attractive or more attractive than them. They have a lot of confidence in their blonde hair and that is why they will go as far as stalking their competition (especially pretty brunettes) in order to compete. They go everywhere the pretty brunette goes trying to steal the attention and when all else fails, they'll bend over and show you their rear end with all confidence that their prized asset will win in the end. Sometimes a pretty big breasted brunette can have two or three stealthy blondes stalking her at the same time, which can go on for years because they are so jealous when they do not get the attention of which they are use to in the racist society. Furthermore, when the president of the blonde association tells you that blonde women are successful in the workplace because they can give the excuse of being blonde when they make a mistake, she's lying. What really happens is that when the blonde woman makes a mistake, she bends over and shows her boss her rear end and says, "what's more important boss, my mistake, or my rear end? where the boss replies, "well your rear end, of course." Then when the boss asks for her hand in marriage, she says, "yes, but only if you give me a raise." That's what really happens. I'm glad there is finally some proof against a racist society.



Wow. Linda. I couldn't agree more with your response. Well said.


I wonder what the cutoff is. I read an article on a study that says people who are more attractive in general are generally paid more in jobs. Surely a brunette with a very nice face would fair better than a blonde with a significantly less attractive face. But, if the brunette's face is only slightly more attractive than the blondes, who would get ahead. Is it easier to get ahead with dyed hair or plastic surgery. And do big boobs trump hair and face? Do niceness of faces ever trump either?